Thursday, February 6, 2014

So how's that blog tour coming?

I was actually just sitting down and thinking about the blog tour. I still have tour posts that need to be written and gone through, just to make sure everything is okay. I've got dates to check and a few last minute emails to send out. And I have some giveaway SWAG to get together.

So far the blog tour is going pretty well. Preparations are going well and I've got at least 10 blogs who've signed up to take part in it. I'm hoping to pull in a few more blogs to do a couple more dates, but as of right now we're running through the 15th of March with a final giveaway over on my review blog Ley's Library. I thought about doing the giveaway here, and I still might make the entry form available here, but it's going to really go through my review blog. I'm trying to drive some more traffic over there.

I guess I should put up a checklist for the blog tour, now shouldn't I?

  • Contact blogs (can't have a blog tour without blogs!)
  • Schedule dates.
  • Prep posts and materials
  • Materials to send (bio, post, links, etc)
  • Send materials
  • Follow up
Oh, I think this blog tour is going to be fun!

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