Saturday, February 8, 2014

Comfort Food for the Creative Dry Spell

I'm in that place right now where it's hard for me to keep my creativity working. It's hard for me to keep myself in the space of mind to write and get things down. Sometimes I worry that I've gotten the best of my writing down. I worry that I'm going to end up writing crap for the rest of my life.

So I try to get myself back in that frame of mind to write and be creative. And sometimes that comes around because of being in the form of being comfortable. That means I have to indulge in my comforts--comfort behaviors, comfort shows, comfort foods.

That's what this post is about. Comfort foods for the creative dry spell.

There's this little Mexican place in my town that makes the best marinated chicken and vegetables in the world. They call it the pollo fundido, or the "molten chicken." It's marinated and grilled with vegetables, then covered with cheese sauce and served with a side of latin rice. I love to eat there, and I always get extra cheese sauce with mine. It's the best tasting stuff in the world, and I always know I'm going to feel better after I have some, especially when it comes on warm tortillas.

Then there's Ben & Jerry's. How can you go wrong with eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Honestly, it's probably some of the best stuff in the world. In their scoop shops, the chocolate is amazing. But when we're talking pints in the store, I'll always go for the Karamel Sutra if it's there. It's caramel ice cream and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks around a little column of caramel. I can literally eat an entire pint in one sitting if you don't take it away from me.

But maybe the biggest comfort food for me when I'm in my creative dry spells is just chocolate milk. I know it seems childish, but it reminds me of times when I was happy, and I always seem to write better when I'm happy. Chocolate milk is the best thing in the whole wide world, and it always will be.

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