Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Creativity and Craziness

For the longest time, people have associated madness and creativity. I'm not saying that I'm mad. But I do feel like I suffer from some boughts of "craziness" when I get overwhelmed with creative energy. It's during these times when I can edit and write and come up with a thousand ideas on the spot. And then there are times when I can barely do anything.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is called bipolar disorder. And I have it.

Bipolar disorder isn't easy to deal with. It effects everything that goes on in your life--your job, your relationships, your self-image. Everything. Sometimes it feels as if it rules your life rather than exists as just a part of it.

The kind of bipolar disorder that I have is the kind that cycles from manic to depressed extremes over relatively short time spans. When I say short time spans, I don't mean minutes or hours. Mostly, I mean days to weeks. I can have weeks where I can barely do anything, and then I'll have a month where I can write an entire novel! It's happened!

My creativity is strongly tied to my moods. If I'm not happy or not feeling well, then I can barely get any writing done. I can't come up with plot or dialogue. I'm frustrated and most people just don't want to be anywhere near me when it comes to these kinds of days. But when I'm happy and full of energy, I can write and edit and plan out new novels with ease. I can be happy and work.

I'm not saying I'm crazy, not by a long shot. But I am saying that there are times that I can be crazy creative.

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