Friday, February 7, 2014

Learning to Stay Out of Things

This isn't actually what I had planned for my blog post today, but I feel like it's something that I should write about. Mostly because I'm finding recently that it's something that I have a lot of problems with. Sometimes I have difficulty staying out of things that are sort-of not my business.

When I say "sort-of" not my business, I mean that it doesn't directly affect me, but the fall out of whatever happens is going to. I mean that it may not be entirely my business right at this moment, but it will be later when everything hits the fan and the consequences arise. That's when it becomes my problem, and I'm expected to get involved.

But right now I'm having to learn to keep my opinions to myself. And that's something that I just have a very hard time doing, especially when it comes to people I love. Perhaps that's why I love to write stories. I can inject my opinion on what the characters do. At least there my opinions are validated.

That was kind of mean and not really very true. It isn't like the people around me don't value my opinions. It's just that there are times when they don't want them. It's better for people to make their own mistakes, right?

Just like you have to let kids learn by making their own mistakes, you have to let the people around you make their mistakes and learn their lessons. Even if you've seen them make the same mistakes before.

That's when it's hardest to keep my opinions to myself.

That's when it's hardest to stay out of things.

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