Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter sucks

Growing up in Virginia where it sometimes snowed from October to March, I learned pretty early that winter just straight up sucks. I might be built for cold weather, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Actually, I hate extremes of any kind.

Some of my strongest memories are of days and weeks when our power was out because of snow storms. When the show was so deep that it came up to my waist as a kid. Back then I loved it--snow days and building snow men. Looking back, I realize I despise that white stuff that falls from the sky. I'll just say it. I hate snow. It sucks, too.

I don't like the heat of summer either. I'm much more of a spring and autumn person. I like it when it's light jacket weather. You know, when things could get warm, but not so warm that you have to take a second shower because you've sweat through your clothes.

Maybe I'm spoiled. I like being able to snuggle up in a sweater and have a cup of coffee and be warm, or I like being able to hang out in a pool and relax. But I absolutely don't like having to fend off sunburn or having my nose drip like crazy because it's minus 6 outside.

What did I start this with? Oh right... winter sucks. Well, it does. It's always cold. Sometimes it snows. And if it doesn't snow where I live--which is rare for it to anyway--it rains. And the rain is usually worse than the snow.

Let's just face it... when it gets cold, life sucks.

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