Friday, January 17, 2014

The importance of keeping a notebook

Writing is such a part of my life that I do it every single day. It is everything to me. And sometimes it's hard to remember the ideas that swirl around in my head. Especially when I have a thousand ideas and fifty things going on at once. So I learned long ago that I should keep a notebook with me at all times.

Every writer should keep a notebook on them. It should be just a basic rule of writing. Rule number 1: Notebook.

My notebook wouldn't make sense to any other writer but me. Sometimes I just jot down titles or phrases that give me a bit of inspiration. Or I might see someone who inspires a new character because of how they move or something they said. Most often, it's names. A strange name that I hear or see will go in the notebook. And every now and then, I may even plan out a story--a few plot points that stick in my mind.

Writers always have so many ideas in their heads and they think of so many things. It's a wonderful thing to have something with you so that you can write down the things that you need to know so that you can write a new story later. Forgetting things is never good.

Keeping a notebook allows a writer to never forget the characters that enter their minds. To never lose the threads of the stories that weave themselves into our minds.

Notebooks are secondary to our laptops. Absolutely necessities.

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