Monday, January 6, 2014

Why some books should never be published

I know, coming from another writer, that sounds very, very bad, doesn't it? Let me explain myself.

First off, every author has a voice and a story to tell. And I strongly believe that everyone's voice is worth hearing. That goes without question.

But sometimes... you just put down a book and go, "How did they ever get a book deal?"

I won't mention specific books or specific writers, but I've read more than a few novels that I couldn't figure out how they got published. The characters were flat and one-dimensional. The story line was crap or horribly researched. Or it was so blatantly ripped off from somewhere else that I couldn't believe it made it off an editor's desk.

I'm not saying that the book or the author should never ever be published. What I am saying is that as it hit my hands, it just wasn't ready. Or that book just really shouldn't have seen the light of day. Sometimes authors see their novels or their work in a way that other people don't. And I say this from experience, because I looked at my first novel and thought it was brilliant. And the first couple people who read it told me it was the most boring thing they'd ever read. As an author, you can't get blinders on about your work.

So sometimes, you have to realize, maybe your book shouldn't see the light of day. At least not yet. And maybe--sadly--not ever.

So, yes, sometimes, some books should never be published. *cough cough* Twilight fanfiction porn. *cough cough*

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