Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why I can't get rid of books

Sometimes, I think that I consider my books like my kids. When it comes time to clean off my bookshelves to make room for new books, I have these agonizing days and weeks when I decide what books to keep and which ones to either donate or take to a secondhand store. Even if it's a book that I haven't read in months, it's almost like I have a panic attack about getting rid of it. Just the thought of it makes me a little woozy.

In short, I have a problem.

*stands up, clearing my throat* Hello, my name is Ley. And I am a book hoarder.

That's really the simplest way to put it. I have such a hard time getting rid of books because I hoard them. I'm afraid that the second I get rid of them, I'm going to want those stories again. That I'm going to need those characters and those worlds just once more. Never mind the fact that I could probably find most of them at the local library. I still have a horrible fear of missing a book. Of missing a story that changed me in some way.

Even when I go to the secondhand store and exchange one book for another, it still feels like giving up when I hand over that book that's been on my shelf for God knows how long. There are some books that will never leave my shelves. Some that will stay with me until the day that I pass them down to my children.

Because if books are like my kids, why wouldn't I give them to my own?

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