Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm a horrible gift giver

I'm the first to admit it: I absolutely suck at giving gifts. Mostly because I'm broke and can't do anything really extravagant. But I'm also just a really bad gift giver. I don't know how to pick out gifts. I don't know what people will like.

Trust me. My family has told me this a thousand times.

Every year, my family does this thing at Christmas that we call "Dirty Santa." It's a game where everyone brings a gift that goes in the middle, and then everyone draws a number. You go in order--picking a gift from the pile or taking someone else's gift until it's taken out of rotation. It's a fun game just for the fact that people get frustrated with having their gifts taken away so often. But sometimes--well, pretty often actually--I'd end up with a crappy gift because most of our family are married and have campers. Something I know nothing about. Or, as another explanation, I just brought a crappy gift and ended up with what I brought.

It was a common refrain until this past year. "You guys have to step it up on the gifts," my cousins would say. "These are crappy."

But not this year. This year I got lucky. I brought a good gift.

Thanks to just buying a crap ton of Duck Dynasty stuff.

Most of the time, though, I'd rather just give a gift card and be done with it. That way it isn't my problem to figure out what is a good gift and why they would or wouldn't like it.

Maybe I'm just trying to get out of the responsibility of having to pick gifts, but I like to think I'm trying to save my friends and family the frustration of having me give them a crappy gift that they have to act like they like even though they hate it.

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