Friday, January 24, 2014

Early bird or night owl?

I have some friends who are writers who have the hardest time writing during the day. They cant' get a word out while the sun is up, but at night they work themselves into the ground trying to make up the work that they missed. Their creative juices start to flow almost the second the sun goes down. Sometimes I have those kinds of days, but for the most part, I have to get my work done during the day.

What can I say? I really like to sleep.

I can't say that I'm really an early bird either. Seven AM is early for me, and six is just ridiculous. I hate having to get up early. My brain doesn't really start working until about ten. That's when my creativity really starts going and I'm able to really get some writing done.

Everybody has those days when they get up at some God-awful hour and just can't go back to sleep. And then there are those times when there's no going to sleep, and you just have to find something to keep you occupied or else you'll be bored to death. For me, it's all about the characters in my head and when they decide they want to start telling their story.

Wow, that made me sound more than a little crazy.

It made me sound like I hear voices.

I don't. But I do. Not really. It's kind of hard to explain. Other writers will understand. I'm not crazy, I promise.

I suppose you could say I'm a little bit of both depending upon what's been going on lately. When it comes to being back at work, I'm more of an "early bird" because I have to be up to catch the bus to head into the city. But oh, how I'd love to sleep in. I remember days when I could sleep until noon or one PM. It was wonderful. For me, at least. Not so much for everyone else in my life.

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