Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why you should ALWAYS double check your emails

When you're a self-publishing author doing everything on your own, sometimes you get a little overwhelmed. Sometimes things slip through the cracks. But there's one thing that should never, ever slip through: emails.

You should double check every email before you send it. Every. Single. One. ALWAYS.

File this one under lessons learned, my friends. When you send two to three dozen emails every day to book blogs requesting reviews and looking for stops for a blog tour, sometimes you overlook things. Which isn't always the best thing. Especially when you send an email to one blogger addressed to another. This leads to the first of the lessons that I learned: don't copy/paste entire emails. The body is great. But not the entire thing. You definitely want to write the salutation individually for every single email. And secondly, you want to make sure that the email is addressed to the right person. Right name, right spelling, everything.

Spell check those things. Make sure you have all the information the blogger asks for. Because if you don't give them what they asked for, it looks like you didn't read their policy. And that's a quick way of getting into their trash file. Or a straight forward no. And while dealing with "no" is a good learning experience, it should be because the blogger or the agent isn't the best fit for your story, not because you don't know how to read their policies and submit correctly.

Read those emails. Double check them. Triple check them. Don't send them until you're sure they're going to the right person.

Because you look like an unprofessional idiot if you send it to someone with the wrong name on it.

Trust me.

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