Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rainy Days Are My Favorite

If I'm going to write, rainy days are my favorite. Mostly because I have no reason to go outside. And that means I have no excuse not to be writing.

Because sometimes I need that extra push.

Today is one of those days, at least where I live. I'm one of those people who think grey, rainy days are the most beautiful days in the world. I don't like hot, sunny days. I'm just not built for those kind of days. I am totally built for winter. Although I don't like snow. So maybe we should say that I'm built for late autumn. Yes, that's good. Let's go with that.

I'm writing today. Well, of course I am. I'm writing this. But I'm also writing on the new series. Although I'm fighting a bit of writer's block on that as well. See, I'm one of those writers who don't do an outline of a story before I start writing. I tried that once and I just totally felt like I was locked into following that timeline. It felt stifling and made me hate the idea of writing. So now I just write. I let the story unfold as it goes, and I change things as I need to.

Maybe I should eat, that might stop a bit of the writer's block. Seeing as I haven't eaten at all today. That might be a bit of the problem. Sometimes writers forget to eat. We have this issue of getting so caught up in the story we're telling that we forget to do other things. Like the laundry or making dinner.

Perhaps I'll go sit on the porch for a while and watch the rain, smell the clean, cold air and get some new perspective. After all, new perspective can help you write a brand new world, now can't it?

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