Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Projects, Titles, and Christmas Shopping

Sometimes I'll be listening to music and I'll get this flash of an idea for a title of a novel or a series. It's kind of funny that most of my titles come from lines of songs, mostly because I listen to music when I write. Or, amazingly, sometimes I'll just be walking around with my iPod in and listening to it and something will hit me. There's actually a list on my phone of just titles for projects I want to do. It may have nothing about what that project may be about. Just a title.

I've heard of some authors who have working titles for their novels. That's only worked for me two times. Only twice have I changed the name of my novel once I finished writing it. Usually I start with the title and I build the world around that. The thing is, the title usually comes with the idea. So it works for me.

And those new projects... I've got so many I want to work on! Part of me is desperate to finish The Elemental Royals Trilogy just so I can get hard core serious about other projects. I've got the Off World Series that I'm working on now, and I have plans for at least three or four other series that I'd like to write. I could spend the rest of my life writing novels really. And I think I will.

This time of year seems so hectic, you know? The month long break from my regular job gives me lots of time to read and write, but it also means that I have to go Christmas shopping. And that means budgeting out what little money I have to buy gifts for family and friends. And shopping is never my favorite thing to do. I just don't like to do it. Although I have been into it before, and I've gotten in over my head with it. If I could get away with gift cards, I'd do that and be a happy little Christmas elf. I really would.

Hmm... maybe that's what I'll do. Because it would be so much easier.

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