Friday, December 20, 2013

Learning to Format

Self-publishing is teaching me a lot of different things. How to negotiate things (seeing as my blog and graphic designer is a pretty tough negotiator) as far as price goes. How to understand marketing and social media presence. How to blog! And how to format documents for eBook files.

My first novel, The Forest's Heir, is already available on the Kindle through Amazon. And right now I'm working on formatting it for the Nook through Barnes & Noble. It's an interesting process, and I'm learning how to figure things out and how to put things in the right place. It's taking a lot of time and giving me a new appreciation of all the things that a real publishing house does for an author. But I think I'm a bit more appreciative of the people who are buying my novel now that I've actually been the one who's put the work in to get it out there. Not that authors who go through publishing houses aren't.

It's going to take hours to do this. Possibly days, so the Nook version won't be coming any time soon. But that's okay. It's a goal for the new year. Getting things done correctly, making it look right and getting my book out to a wider audience.

I never thought that I'd learn so many new skills when I started out on the road to self-publication. But I'm so very glad that I have.

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