Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No day off for the writer...

It's Christmas Day. Most people take a day off on Christmas, don't they? They spend the day with their families, enjoying Christmas dinner, opening presents and watching the lights twinkling on a beautifully decorated tree. Most people don't wake up Christmas morning thinking about what they're going to blog about that day or how much promo work they're going to do on their blog tour.

But I do. Because when you're a self-published author who is doing everything on your own, there's no taking a day off. You always have to keep your name out there. Even if it's to just one or two people. Because those one or two people can tell one or two people. And it can go on from there.

I'm at home. I can take a break and eat Christmas dinner with my family. I can set up my work table in my living room and look at the beautiful tree that my mother decorated and appreciate the way it looks and what it stands for. I'm not going to be glued to my computer screen today--at least not until late tonight when everyone is in a food coma from turkey and stuffing. But I don't have the option of just not doing anything today.

I'll blog. I'll write. I'll go through book review websites and put out feelers for the blog tour, try to make contacts for promotional swag giveaways and stuff like that.

I'm lucky enough to have a sister who is amazing with web and graphic design. But I'm writer, editor, format editor, PR department and publicist all rolled into one.

So I totally don't get a day off.

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