Monday, March 3, 2014

My First Review Posts Tomorrow!

I'm a great big bundle of nerves. It's one thing for me to look at the reviews that get posted to by the people who have paid money to buy my book and read it. Those people weren't asked for their opinion. But they were so moved by the story that they wanted to give an opinion on it. But it's something else when I've asked someone to actually read my book and give a real, honest to goodness review of it.

My friends are waiting for how I'm going to react tomorrow. I know there's going to be a moment when I'm going to be afraid to read the blog where the first review is posted. I'm not going to be sure whether I want to read it or whether I want someone else to read it and break the news to me. Who knows how it's going to go? I won't know what it will be like until I get up tomorrow and see the blog.

Today I'm just trying to get a handle on myself and figure out what I'm going to do with myself. How am I going to keep my wits about me at work and figure out how to keep my attention on work when all I want is to check to see if someone says that my book is crap. I'm terrified.

It's that simple. I'm completely terrified.

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