Monday, March 10, 2014

How Much Can I Write in a Week?

Now that I'm on my spring vacation, I want to sit down and see how much I can get written on my various projects that I'm writing. I wonder exactly how much I can get done on each one. I try to write a thousand words a day, but this week I'd love to do two a day on each project.

I'm writing several different projects, each one a little different than the others. Some are fantasy, some are science fiction, and others are romances. Well, as close as I can get to a romance. They've got a bit more to them than that.

So I wonder, exactly how much CAN I write in a week?

I'd like to get a couple chapters finished on each work. It would be wonderful if I was able to finish at least one of them, but I doubt that will happen. Mostly because the fastest I've ever finished a novel is a month and a half. But I can get pretty close. I might even be able to finish editing one of the novels for release in September.

But this week will be all about writing and reading, getting my thoughts on paper, and being creative.

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