Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mother Nature Has Issues

Where I live, Mother Nature has been having issues with deciding whether she's going to stay in winter or start spring. We've had days where it's been beautiful and warm. Days like it was a wonderful spring where everything was just amazing. I could walk around in a t-shirt and some light jeans without a jacket. Everything would be great. The next day, it's freezing and there's a threat of snow.

Welcome to global warming, ladies and gentlemen.

This is what happens when we destroy our environment. When we put our economic desires (oil and other fossil fuels) over the good of our environment and our atmosphere. Our climate suffers and our weather goes crazy. And it sucks.

It makes me sick. Physically sick. I get colds and all that lovely fun stuff because of rapid changes in weather. And I hate it.

Plus, when it snows (which 98% of the time I hate) I miss work, which makes me sad. I like my job, even though it doesn't leave me much time for writing. Then I have to hustle to catch up to make sure that the students are on point with what they need to know. It's frustrating when it snows, even if it is pretty for a little while.

So Mother Nature needs to make up her mind. Seriously.

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