Friday, March 21, 2014

How do people do this every day?

Okay, so I've been blogging roughly for 100 days now. And it's getting harder and harder to come up with topics for blogs. I wonder if it might be better to blog just every other day rather than every day.

I wonder how people do this every day. How do people who run blogs like this come up with things to write about day in and day out without repeating topics and all of that stuff? It's getting hard to come up with new topics!

Part of me wants to start talking about personal and social issues. But I wonder about the best way to do that. Especially since some of the things that I would like to talk about may be kind of shocking. I think it might be a good idea to do a series on social issues, things that are important to me.

What kind of things would you like to see me blog about? I know this is a writer's blog, but I don't want to make it only about writing. I want to make it about other things too. About me, the writer, about the process of writing, about life.

Sometimes that's just a hard thing to do.

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