Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why late night writing is awesome

There are times when I can write my best during the day. When I put the radio on and just write while I'm sitting in the sunlight with my dogs. Then there are times when I can't put anything on paper during the day. Nothing comes to me until I'm ready to go to bed. Then the ideas start coming so fast that I can't stop them.

And I've come up with some tips to make my time writing the most productive and the most fun.

1. Have a writing playlist. I have several iTunes playlists that I listen to when I write. All of the songs inspire me in some way. Right now, I listen to the Tom Hiddleston "Song of the Day" playlist I pulled from twitter.

2. I keep pictures of people who remind me of my characters. Sometimes I write a character and I imagine who I would like to see play them in a movie. Sometimes that influences the way they look or it may add a new facet to the character. Most of the time, though. I know how my characters look beforehand and I go searching for a picture to fit.

3. Don't be afraid of not making sense. It's okay to write something that seems great the first time you go through it, but then comes off completely out there when you go back to reread it. Editing is all about fixing problems and making it flow. There's no rule that says everything has to make it into the final manuscript.

4. Keep snacks on hand. Or I'll make a cooked dish beforehand and have it ready to go so I don't have to get up and move around since that breaks my concentration.

5. Just have fun. I wouldn't be a writer if I didn't have stories in my head to tell.

Sometimes, it's just easier to do these things at night. And that's why late night writing is awesome.

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